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Knock Certified

Knock Home Swap

HHT – Knock Certified Agent

The Hennigar Home Team is now Knock Certified! Many consumers have asked what exactly that means and how does it benefit them. In such a competitive seller’s market it’s critical to explore and utilize every tool when buying a home. Many potential buyers are hesitant sellers because they absolutely must sell their home to purchase another. Today, putting in a contingent offer isn’t an option when competing for the home of your dreams, so the timing of everything has many sitting on the sidelines. If this describes you then the Knock Home Swap program is perfect for you.

What issue does the Knock Home Swap solve?

The Knock Home Swap uniquely solves the issue of timing when buying and selling at the same time and eliminates the need to submit contingent offers. You will no longer need to worry about getting pre-approved for two mortgages at the same time. The Home Swap program allows you to purchase your new home before listing and selling your old house!

What are the costs?

With the Knock Home Swap, you’ll purchase the new home before you sell the old house. When you close on the new home, they will pay a 1.25% convenience fee based on the purchase price of the home (alternatively, you can roll this into your rate, or the Knock equity advance) in addition to regular closing costs. Typically, closing costs include but are not limited to: HOA fees, attorney and escrow fees, lender fees, taxes, insurance, and title.

What is the Knock equity advance?

  • Up to $25k to repair/update in home prep funds so your listing sells for the most money possible

  • Up to 20% of the purchase price to cover down payment on the new house

  • Up to 6 months coverage of mortgage payments on the old house so you only pay one mortgage at a time

  • A backup offer on the listing so you have a fall back option if the listing doesn't sell in 6 month

All of those benefits come at 0% interest and are paid out of your equity when your existing house sells. Don't settle for uncertainty, inconvenience, or costly programs!

How do I find out more?

That’s easy! Contact us today and we’ll start the qualification process! We’ll guide you every step of the way. Cell: 770-616-1110 Office: 770-889-6090 Email:

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