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Our HomeWorks program is designed to simplify the listing process and also make your home more attractive to buyers with our certified pre-owned home program.

If you decide to utilize the program, Alex Hennigar will serve as your house tutor. Through the get-ready process he identifies common issues which can usually be inexpensive to repair prior to a buyer's home inspection once you're under contract. This program has proven invaluable to many of our sellers during due diligence negotiations. Also with this program we offer interior decorating and design coaching should you need it.


Homeworks also gives you access to trusted contractor referrals. Our goal is find potential "gotcha issues" preventing bigger problems down the road.


Leak Repairs

HHT Certified Pre-Owned

If you list your home with us under the HomeWorks program, our work can continue for the buyers. We will provide our contractor services to them which is beneficial for the out-of-town buyers. Unexpected repairs or updates after the sale do happen and with this program we are able to provide them trusted local resources at reasonable rates.


This doesn't guarantee a flawless house but it does give your buyer a sense of security that after the sale they won't be left in the dark.

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